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Multi-family projects are usually classified as Construction Type V, III, II or IB by the IBC. Custom Design and Engineering can help our clients and other design professionals decide what structural system works best for the specific project at hand. Please take a look at our portfolio below to see some examples of the projects we have taken from a design concept to final occupancy.



Whether a simple addition or new construction, we can offer our services to make your dream project a reality. Our services include but are not limited to structural inspections and assessment, foundation design and analysis, framing design and analysis, and construction support. We collaborate with architects, builders, and homeowners to develop safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing living spaces.



Whether a remote warehouse or an office building, we can analyze a wide variety of buildings of all material types to meet our clients’ commercial needs.

Place of Worship

Place of Worship

Our team understands how the structural design of places of worship plays a huge role in enhancing the spiritual experience of parishioners. Domes, wide open prayer areas, and other requirements are all satisfied through carefully designed structural framing layouts. Through meeting the needs of the religious organizations, we ensure that the unique significance and spiritual nature of these spaces is preserved and enhanced.

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